​MOE Initiatives FAQs:

Q: Is tourism sector included in temporary secondment service for private sector enterprises’ employees through "AJIR"?​
A: Yes, the Initiative includes tourism sector and can be used through "AJIR" Program portal, which aims to organize and facilitate access to workforce in KSA.

FAQs Royal Initiatives to Support Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Sectors by Reducing Electricity Bills Cost

Q1:  What are consumption categories subject to the decision of reducing 30% of bill value?
A1: The decision will be applied to category of commercial, industrial and agricultural consumption.

Q2: Will reduction be made for all months?
A2: No, reduction applies to April and May 2020 bills only.
Q3: Where can I find reduction details?
A3: Bills will include reduction details.

Q4: Will reduction be made automatically?
A4: Yes, reduction will be made automatically. 

Q5: Will reduction cover previous bills?
A5: Reduction will be made for bills issued on April and May 2020, but does not cover previous bills.

Q6: Where can I find bill details after reduction?
A6: Through MOE's website, ALKAHRABA App or E-bill service.

Q7: Do subscribers need to apply to take advantage of reduction?
A7: No, subscribers do not need to take any action, as the reduction is done automatically.

Q8: How subscribers whose bills were issued for April before Royal Decree issuance are compensated?
A8: They will be compensated retrospectively, while those who have actually paid will be compensated through next bill’s balance.

Q9: How many beneficiaries from initiative to reduce electricity bill costs for enterprises?
A9: SEC-registered Accounts, which can benefit from such reduction, reached 1.7 million accounts.

Q10: Who will benefit from paying 50% of bill cost?
A10:  Industrial and commercial sectors will benefit from such reduction.

Q11: Will 50% reduction for bills paid in (April, May and June) be made automatically?
A11: No, if a customer wants to pay 50% of his bill, he should enter 50% of bill amount through banking channels.

Q12: To which months will 50% reduction apply?
A12: It will apply to April, May and June 2020.

Q13: When will the remaining amount be paid in installments?
A13: The remaining amount will be paid in installments after paying 50% of bill value, as of January 2021, for a period of six months.

Q14: Can the remaining amount be paid in one full payment without installments?
A14: Yes, via payment channels by entering the remaining amount.

Q15: Why bills have not been issued to date?
A15: Decisions will be applied, bills will be issued soon, and you will receive SMS or e-mail message as soon as they are issued, or you can visit MOE's website or ALKAHRABA App.

Q16: Does reduction and payment of 50% include delivery of electrical services?
A16: No, the decision applies to consumption bills only.

Q17: Can both 30% reduction and 50% payment initiatives be used at the same time?
A17: Yes, they can be used simultaneously, as 30% of consumption value will be reduced automatically for April and May bills, and then the bill will be issued. Further, the subscriber can pay at least 50% of bill value after such reduction.