Q1:  Is it possible to give permission for workers to be accommodated in factories during curfew?

MODON has launched an initiative to give permissions for workers to be accommodated in factories during curfew, subject to certain requirements to keep workers safe and maintain factory's ongoing production.


Q2:  Which initiatives did "MODON" launch to support factories during the current situation?

Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources and its system approved a set of measures for industry and mineral wealth sectors to mitigate effects of current implications. In MODON, we make supporting procedures by reducing 25% of the financial return for licensed factories as from now until end of 2020, as well as supporting licensed factories that their operations have been affected, by postponing paying financial return of their facilities for three months (90 days), along with extending operating licenses of production factories for an additional period until the end of 2020, extending the period specified  for construction and start of production for another year, and exemption from financial consideration of amending contracts within 2020.


Q3:  How employees can be permitted to travel during curfew hours?

An application for permission for excluded activities shall be submitted according to the list issued by MIMR via its online portal


Q4:  Is there any support provided for industries currently demanded in the market such as medical and food activities?

At this time, "MODON" focuses on prioritizing such activities, providing various financiers in partnership with MODON and benefiting from KSA packages supporting entrepreneurs and investors during current conditions.


Q5:   Does 25% rental reduction support cover all industrial contracts?

The Support includes industrial contracts and contracts with operating licenses valid as from now until end of 2020.


Q6:   Does 25% rental reduction support cover claims paid before Decision for the same year?

Q7:  The support includes industrial contracts and prefabricated factories that have operating licenses valid during 2020

Q8:   Are cake and sweet factories considered an excluded food business?

Yes, they considered an excluded food business.


Q9:   What is the approved mechanism to apply for industrial support?

The Support is automatically applied to contracts that meet requirements by issuing operating licenses.